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Our Hummingbirds

Hummingbird! (Kolibri) They soon discovered the feeder and love the sugar water inside... But it's hard to take a picture of them, much too fast

Date: 12.07.2006
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But not only the hummingbirds love the sugar.... But be sure, they were dead very soon after this pic!

Date: 12.07.2006
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The number of birds heavily increased over the last days- seems they have a very good Buschtelephon!

Date: 21.07.2006
Views: 62

We counted up to 7 birds fighting for the 3 sugarwater holes

Date: 21.07.2006
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And you should hear the noise they make!

Date: 21.07.2006
Views: 76

The Movie of the Birds (4MB)- original speed!

Date: 21.07.2006
Views: 95